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Chandler, OK


Judy Loper demonstrated a strong aptitude for art at an early age. She credits the encouragement of her junior high school art teacher as the stimulus for her lifelong interest in art and art education. Judy received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1969. She then moved to southern California where she began her career as an educator and her vocation as an artist, participating in several professional shows. In 1981 she received A Master of Education degree from Oklahoma\'s Central State University Junior College and Community College Art Education”.
While her art has taken many twist and turns over the last 25 years she has always returned to painting. although she also enjoys producing digital art .
Judy\'s current painting is mainly in acrylic and watercolor. Her favorite subjects are flowers and still lifes with a few landscapes and some figurative works. Judy says \"the style is dictated by the response I would like from the person viewing the work to have. I love art that is beautiful and yet keeps a sense of mystery for the viewer. I want my art to be enjoyed day after day.\" Judy\'s newer works are done on a unique background using a “Nouveau-Fresco” process (a plaster ground). The ground is cracked and tinted , which gives the work an antique look. then finished by using traditional drawing and painting techniques on that ground.
When Judy works in the digital world she starts with a photo usually of water gardens or flowers. Then creates her own view of that subject in Photoshop. She completes the process by printing .These work are available as a print-on-demand.



Sunflowers Picked Today by Judy Loper


Rose coming to life by Judy Loper


Gladiolus and Zinnias. by Judy Loper


Glory Glads by Judy Loper


Pink Glad by Judy Loper


Red Red Red by Judy Loper


Zinnia and Monarch by Judy Loper


Vacition Butterfly by Judy Loper


Butterfly in my Garden by Judy Loper


Kissing Roses by Judy Loper


Zinnias and Rose in the eveing LIght by Judy Loper


Salmon Lilies among the red rocks by Judy Loper


Rt 66 Barn outside Davenport Oklahoma by Judy Loper


Rt 66 Barn in Bristow Oklahoma by Judy Loper


Galveston Boats watercolor by Judy Loper


Palms in Silver Grass by Judy Loper


Palm of the Night by Judy Loper


Key Palms by Judy Loper


Blue Glass Waiting For The Other by Judy Loper


Irises In The Spot Light by Judy Loper


Salmon Flowers In The Garden by Judy Loper


White Classic Vase In Chalice Style A Nouveau Fresco Paintings by Judy Loper


Flowers Of Old A Nouveau-Fresco Paintings by Judy Loper


Classical Angle In The Clouds A Nouveau-Fresco Painting by Judy Loper


Samaritan Woman At The Well Original Classic In Browns by Judy Loper


Madonna And Child In Profile Based On Work On By Raphael by Judy Loper


Madonna And Child In Red And Blue Based On Work On By Raphael by Judy Loper


Classical Portrait Inspired By Michelangelo by Judy Loper


Hide And Seek Kio In The Green Pond by Judy Loper


Marry-Go-Round Kio In The Spring-May Day by Judy Loper


Floating Lilies Pads Above The Koi. by Judy Loper


Red Koi In Green Disguise by Judy Loper